Old and New

04/04/2015 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
With the weather finally breaking I hooked up with a few friends and their friend who was in town to do some exploring. One old place, one new, one fail and 2 passes. The fail came with a hotel with no way in, and we passed on a school that'd be too dark and a nursing home that wasn't interesting 8 years ago and now was trashed. So we ended up visiting a different nursing home which I had been to 8 years ago, and a new church.


The Not-Frozen Niagara Falls

02/23/2015 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
The more reports I see in the news about Niagara Falls being frozen the more angry I get. Maybe it's just a pet peeve, but even the tiniest thought about this would lead you to the conclusion that it's impossible for the Falls to freeze. Unless you've never seen them before and don't quite understand the scale, come on now....millions of gallons of water going over a cliff each second, and you really think that's going to freeze? Please.

It also bothers me that such attention has been (...)


02/15/2015 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
I had made plans to visit Detroit and do some exploring with my old exploring buddy David on Super Bowl Sunday. However Detroit got smacked with the worst blizzard in years, so plans were shelved for the following weekend. Then again, with snow in the forecast I almost canceled again, but just changed plans and went Saturday instead of Sunday. Of course, the intent of my visit, a specific church, was inaccessible, but we made the most of it, visiting several other churches around the city. (...)

Update Complete

12/06/2014 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
I think everything is uploaded, named and tagged. I feel better now. I'm not going to update the previous blog posts, but will start anew with future site updates. Hopefully I won't have to rebuild again for a long time!

Server Migration Update

11/23/2014 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
I've managed to upload a majority of images to the new server. Please ignore the dust as I continue to clean up the image titles, add descriptions and tags, and then update the last several years worth of work I've done to the website. Such a pain, such a pain!

Server Migration

11/23/2014 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
Unfortunately I was forced to move to a new server, right after I had just completely rebuilt this website. With no warning. I had not yet made a backup, and I've had to start from scratch. It's terrible timing, as I just sent out a number of emails to Buffalo galleries and gift shops, hoping to be able to get some prints into their shops for the Christmas season. So with my email down for who knows how long, and no website for them to view my work, really, the timing couldn't be worse and I (...)