Server Migration

11/23/2014 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
Unfortunately I was forced to move to a new server, right after I had just completely rebuilt this website. With no warning. I had not yet made a backup, and I've had to start from scratch. It's terrible timing, as I just sent out a number of emails to Buffalo galleries and gift shops, hoping to be able to get some prints into their shops for the Christmas season. So with my email down for who knows how long, and no website for them to view my work, really, the timing couldn't be worse and I couldn't look any more unprofessional.

While I get things back up, as quickly as possible, you can still visit my etsy shop at or my a bit outdated deviant art page at My email appears to be back in order, I can be reached at elegant at sistermidnight dot net.

Hopefully I can get back up within the week.