The Not-Frozen Niagara Falls

02/23/2015 ⋅ ⋅ Comments: 0
The more reports I see in the news about Niagara Falls being frozen the more angry I get. Maybe it's just a pet peeve, but even the tiniest thought about this would lead you to the conclusion that it's impossible for the Falls to freeze. Unless you've never seen them before and don't quite understand the scale, come on now....millions of gallons of water going over a cliff each second, and you really think that's going to freeze? Please.

It also bothers me that such attention has been paid to the "frozen" Falls, while citing polar vortexes, and claiming that the build up of ice on the Falls is something new. This is not new, this happens every year! The mist from the Falls freezes on everything it touches (including me, and my camera! I was crunchy, there was so much ice built up on my coat.)

That being said, and my annoyance at it all put side, it is definitely gorgeous. I think the Falls are much more interesting in the winter, than the summer. The only downside, is much of the park on the NY side is closed in the winter, due to this ice build up and snow on the paths making it too slippery. You can't get as close up to the brink in the winter as the summer, but I still went out there with a group to see all the ice. Once it got dark I crossed over to the Canadian side to see the lights. It was about 15 degrees, but luckily the wind wasn't too bad. I managed to survive for about an hour before heading home. I wanted to catch different lights, but they weren't changing that drastically while I was there. Fortunately, unfortunately, it's supposed to stay cold for quite a while longer, and I hope to get out and shoot it again.

The Not-Frozen Falls